Alfred Reinold Baudisch

Oct 3, 2017

1 min read

Art Salvation or Sit and Feel Before Ending

A poem on master painters and suicide.

Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows

You might think the end
The self destruction
As the light
But if you could one last time
See and feel
The terror dreams of Hieronymus Bosch
The precision of Da Vinci
The destruction of Goya
The explosion of earthly emotions of Van Gogh
The violence of Gaugin
The orange nights of Lautrec
The eternal impressions of Monet
The natural nudes of Manet
The radical innovation of Cézanne
The tragic pureness of Renoir
The shapes of Kandinsky
The vanguard cubes of Picasso
The frenetic coordinated splashes of Pollock
The madness of Bacon
The melting outer world of Dali
The heroic scribbles of Twombly
The mesmerizing blending of Rothko
The hypnotizing sprays of Basquiat
The smell of paint
For that a billion new sensations
And emotions
Seeded in your heart
And in so much excitement
Your blood drives you
And you cannot think of anything
Other than
And enjoy
The touch of masters

Autistic Savant software engineer with 25 years of development experience. By night, a game developer and artist.

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