Giorgio, thank you for your feedback!

As I read in your comment I think it wasn’t clear for you my separation of a standalone bot X a WhatsApp bot. I think that is my fault because I used the same name for both.

After the banishments, I abandoned the WhatsApp bot project and now “Fred” is my standalone app and platform — the video at the end of the article shows my standalone app, not related to WhatsApp at all.

“BTW, do you confirm a similar statistic in Brasil ?”
Actually I think in Brazil you can consider roughly 100% for WhatsApp, and the others as complements (Telegram, etc). Kik and WeChat aren’t used here either.

“You possibly done a great work with Fred, but you violated regulations. We have to always remember to verify all regulations / laws compliance for any new commercial startup company.”
Again I think it is a name confusion: the WhatsApp bot indeed was against the Terms of Use, that’s why I even abandoned the idea of creating a startup around it. But FredApp doesn’t violate anything at all, since it is a standalone product.

Regarding your points about the Messenger Bot Store, I completely agree with you and I’m ready to launch bots for it, but I’m not much concerned with it, because it is not widely used here. And I also agree with you that FB will ending up migrating the store to WhatsApp, I think it will be a natural step. But still, the platform won’t be fully secure or manageable for big companies, with high sensitive data, don’t you agree? I don’t think a bank or a insurance company will be comfortable on integrating all their clients data into WhatsApp or Messenger — at least from what I’m hearing in Brazil, from my partner’s daily visits at big corporations. That’s why a platform like FredApp is important, because I can adjust to any security compliances and requirements. Also, I don’t see the integration of custom payment gateways inside the messages AS TEXT in WhatsApp nor Messenger, even with the bot store — which will be possible in my platform.

Telegram on the other case isn’t applicable, at least for now, I see it mostly as a simple bots platforms or even hobbyist bots, toys.

Regardless of usage numbers, I’m excited for the Messenger Bot Store, I think it will change everything.

PS: I saw your post and your sites, I think we may talk about partnerships on the future, once my platform has launched.

Autistic Savant software engineer with 25+ years of development experience. Also an indie game developer and digital artist.

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