Making a Van Gogh game in just 3 days

Scenes from my Van Gogh game, “The Blue Bedroom”

Van Gogh Letters?

My Process to make the game “The Blue Bedroom”

“The Bedroom” and I in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Going through the letters during the game jam
Vincent van Gogh: The Letters: The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition. The English edition is sold out all over the world, I got mine via the Danish Royal Library. I mean… I keep borrowing it from the library!
Flowchart outlining which letters, paintings, and connections to use
“The Bedroom” zoomed in “Google Arts & Culture”
How the letters are displayed in the game (without the red highlight)
Van Gogh painted this portrait as a gift to Paul Gauguin, where he wanted to show himself as a Buddhist monk. But in the game I use the portrait to express that he is “getting distressed, so he’s losing his hair”.
The game developed in the Godot Game Engine
Clickable overlays for the bedroom

Play the game!


Can’t get enough of Van Gogh…

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